Our Attitude

Here at Inprox we know the importance of the job and the gig must go on.  We do what it takes to make your vision exceed your expectations.  We are team players, we do not allow egos to flourish.

Touring Laser Professionals

We have brought in some of the best specialists in the laser entertainment business with experience in all the legalities of doing a sucessful tour with lasers.  We have the knowledge and have been part of the first audience scanning in the United states in 2007 and the full audience scanning that took place in 2012 at Coachella.  If you are a lighting director that wants to add lasers to their tour, a band that wants to take it to the next level.  We have the team from providing paperwork, show design, and touring professionals to make your tour more sucessful than ever.

  • US Variance Submission
  • CDRH Show Reporting and filing
  • FAA Notifications
  • Satisfying Local Regulation
  • Laser Safety Officer service
  • Laser Tour Techs
  • LD Training and implementation
  • Live Show Operators