Our Attitude

Here at Inprox we know the importance of the job and the gig must go on.  We do what it takes to make your vision exceed your expectations.  We are team players, we do not allow egos to flourish.

Large Format Printing

Inprox Technologies has been providing Large format printing for a wide range of customers now for over five years. Starting with some very old Canon Photo Printers to their Latest 12 Color 44" Wide Format Printer. These Canon printers create some of the best photo reproduction, and canvas on the market. What we found is that Wall Coverings and Wall Murals are the next great thing on the market. Designers and Architechs can now design and have printed wall paper, in hours for about the same as regular wall paper. The greatest thing is that we can print it on material that is removable without damage to the wall, and even reusable. Designers are changing wall Coverings Seasonally now. Because of this Inprox Technologies has purchased a HP Latex Printer. The HP Latex printer can print a scratch resistant, water resistant wall paper on about any type of wall paper you can imagine color and texture and at a price the Fine art Canon Printers can not. This also moves Inprox into the Banner, Vehicle Wrap, and Sign business. We are printing Banners like crazy, canvas wraps, photo prints. see our printing site at TMT Digital